We know that building a home can seem overwhelming. After decades of working with home buyers, we've developed a system that keeps our customers in the communication loop without drowning them in a sea of technical specification and industry terms.

Our system works so well, we pioneered a group of builders called Builders Achieving Excllence.

Here's a little preview of what to expect when you partner with Regal to build your home.

  1. We begin with an individualized building plan. You may already have a plan in mind. You may have purchased blueprints or seen a home that you want to build. More likely, you'll sit down with us and review our popular home plans and choose one that you like. Then we'll review all of the options for customizing the building plan for you.

  2. Our "no surprises" blueprint and specifications make it easier for you to read and understand the components in building your home. We categorize every area of the building process and list all of the options you have chosen for your new home. Everything is written in clear terms with language that you can understand. We sign a binding written agreement so that you don't have to worry about the price of the home changing unless you decide to upgrade some of your selections.

  3. Our written warranty includes a detailed list of items covered by us, criteria for workmanship, and maintenance responsibilities of the owner. We ensure excellence in building and satisfied clients by strict adherance to this code.

  4. Let's say you decide to spend more money on a whirlpool bath and less money on the carpet in the master bedroom. You simply look up the applicable sections in your home owners specification sheet and budget line items, notify us and we will take care of the rest. The component allowances, elements for your selections and the options are all listed in your specifications and product selection packet so you can have them nicely organized.

  5. Expect to hear from us after your home is built. We are proactive with our warranties. We will ask you to fill out written evaluations at predetermined time intervals after you take possession of your new home. Our detailed homeowner's warranty will explain everything and you'll know exactly who's responsible for each area. Our clear, honest communication will keep you in charge.

When you choose Regal Building Systems to build your home, you are choosing a builder with a reputation for quality, integrity, and commitment. Our building process says it all.